Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stay tuned....

On August 3, 2010, I began a lifestyle change. NO MEAT. I've cut out all meat (except for fish) and I'm loving it! I don't crave meat. I still think it smells good when cooking, but I'm not tempted. The only thing is, I'm afraid of how it will be cooking for people if I can't taste what I'm serving them. I think it'll be alright because I never taste my food while I'm cooking, anyway. I know...weird. But, people enjoy my cooking, so why mess w/ something if it's going good, right?

On to another lifestyle change...One week ago, August 19th, I started managing my weight by using the points system through Weight Watchers. No, I'm not going to meetings, I was given direction from a co-worker who lost 33lbs in 20 weeks. She's been my inspiration and motivation. Yesterday was my first weigh in and I'VE LOST 4 POUNDS!!!! I'm so excited! This program is not restrictive and it is teaching me and my daughter how to eat correctly and healthily. She's my little support. I have a big support, too. After calling my step mom to tell her the good news, she called me back and told me she's getting me weight watchers online. I'm so blessed to have such great people in my life.

So...I'm going to be focusing on incorporating my new lifestyle into my cooking for others.