Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catering Gig for Little League Parents

I believe this is the beginning to a strong career in catering.
Catering a 100 person Little League Beef & Beer Fundraiser

 It smells so delicious in here!  The menu you ask? Check it out below!


Main Dish
-        Roast Beef “IN” Beer on rolls
-        Sausage & Peppers
-        Vegetarian Baked Ziti

Side Dish
-        Tossed Salad w/ various dressings

-        Horseradish
-        Parmesan Cheese
-        Dijon Mustard

I've finished searing all of the Sweet Italian Sausages.

While the sausages were searing, I was boiling ziti & setting up my storage area for the "trillion" rolls for tomorrow night's feast!

Finished chopping all of the onions & peppers, then sauteed, & joined them with the sausages. They're all ready for the stove.

Stay tuned...


It went off without a hitch! I had such a great experience!!! Everyone loved the food and even went up for THIRDS! I still had food left over and didn't run out of anything. This was a great evening.

Time to replenish the food

These are the gifts I made for the Little League Board members. Tea cups with cupcakes & a cute bag of tea. Didn't forget my business card for future consideration!