Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Treasures!!!

So, today, Saturday, on my way to check out a Goodwill I've never visited before, I see a sign for a yard sale. Screeeeee, turn...found the yard sale. (That was me making a sharp turn past the sign) I get there and 1st thing I see is a vintage red & white table. Unfortunately, I have no more room for tables and I'm not yet to the point where I will actually refurbish something. This table needed major love.

However, I quickly saw a cute mirror with a painted wooden frame that I will make a small side table out of when I have the chance. In the meantime, It's hanging up in my sitting room.

New mirror (plus a little bunny butt under the couch) in the background.     

Then, I turn around and I see a cute stool and an even cuter bench. You can see the bench above.

Sort of the same pic as above, but better view of the bun posing. ha (I am using the suitcases as footstools for now until I'm ready to make tables out of them.) Ummm...can you tell I'm obsessed with my new couch?

Then, I finally found the Goodwill and found an old Backgammon set. I remember watching my parents play the game for hours and I never paid any attention as how to play. My daughter and I decided to youtube a tutorial. We're pretty good at it.

It's a pretty cool set. The inside is wooden rather than felt.

I love treasure hunting.

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