Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lot's of Cookin' - Not Enough Postin'

Okay, so apparently, I kind of suck at keeping up a blog, but rest assured, (because I'm sure you were concerned) that I've been cookin!!! And now, my 11 yr old daughter's cooking gene has budded. Thanks to Pinterest, she's been trying a few things. Here's some of the things we've concocted lately:

Ranch Baked Red Potato w/ Bacon & Cheese

These are SOOoooo delicious! They turned out chewy and the perfect level of "saltiness." Ummm...I could eat these each week, if the cheese and bacon wouldn't surely cause a heart attack. My 17 yr old son has found a new favorite in these. (Found the idea on Pinterest)

Delicious Corn on the Cob made on the grill - by Maisee  

With mom's direction, my daughter Maisee, wrapped these in foil after shaking some chili powder, garlic salt & a touch of celery salt. Then, threw them on the grill for about 20 minutes or so. I now crave these! 

One night, I decided to make grilled fish tacos - it was a beautiful evening!!! (Before)


Speaking of Fish
After class one night, I came home to a delicious smell - I thought to myself...what did the kids heat up? It doesn't smell like anything I've made lately...I discovered Maisee had made a delicious concoction of Tilapia & caramelized onions, mashed potatoes & corn. It was to die for!!!

This was my lunch the other day - Just boiled up some spaghetti (along with salt in the water, I threw in some garlic salt - gave the pasta a very nice flavor). Along with the al dente pasta, I tossed in a touch of olive oil, some red pepper flakes, fresh basil from the garden and some tomatoes. Then, grated some fresh Parmesan. Delicious!!!

One night...
 I decided to make Boneless Turkey Buffalo wings - These were a HUGE hit!!! Especially after...

I can't take credit for the sauce, this time...I picked some up on the way home from Sopranos Pizza. OH. MY. GOSH!!! The BEST sauce I've EVER tasted! I've been trying to duplicate their recipe since they won't give it to me. I'm tempted to get a job there on the weekends just to get their secret!!!

We had dinner out on our terrace - aka the deck - and Maisee made some delicious shredded chicken quesadillas. I added a VERY large glass of some Nein Lives Riesling. (I was having a rough day) I was a bit stressed out...can you tell by the ounces on my mason jar? At least I had some beautiful ambiance to go along with it - not to mention the company of my wonderful kids and their goofy humor.

One day I made breakfast pizza - Homemade turkey sausage gravy, eggs, turkey sausage and a bit of cheese.   

And then, Maisee made breakfast - another Pinterest find. This recipe can be found on: (I need to get a camera like this woman's!) It's definitely a mix between a pancake & french toast.
 *My only suggestion, based on experience, is to not use so much butter - it calls for a whole stick and I am not even sure I'd use a 1/2. It had a good flavor, though. And you'd think the edges would be hard as a rock! They were NOT! The whole thing was nice and fluffy. Maisee came running when it looked like it exploded..."MOM! You HAVE to see this!!!" The kids joked that it was trying to escape all of the butter.
I would even think this would be good if it had a fruit - maybe a pie filling at the bottom, instead of butter? 

National Cheeseburger Day!!!
These turned out REALLY great! Organic Beef Sliders with onions and cheese served on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. 

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